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090 Red Cloud Delegation

Price: $1.00

090 Red Cloud Delegation

Price: $1.00


90 RED CLOUD DELEGATION Top row, right to left) Julius Meyer, William Garnett, Louis Bordeaux, (bottom row, right to left) Red Cloud, Spotted Tail, Swift Bear, Sitting Bull (the Oglala). This unique photograph was taken May, 1875 in Omaha while this delegation of Chiefs was in transit to Washington, D.C. to meet with President Grant concerning the government’s desire to purchase the mineral-rich Black Hills from the Sioux, one year before the famed Battle of Little Bighorn. Julius Meyer is shown standing with two other interpreters, Louis Bordeaux and William Garnett. Meyer, a Jewish immigrant from Prussia, was captured by the Sioux during a buffalo hunt and lived among them for several years, after which he established a successful business in Omaha as an Indian trader. Speaking six Indian languages, Meyer, also known by the Indians as “Curley-Headed White Chief with One Tongue” because of his honesty, served as an Indian interpreter to Congress and as an Indian agent. This card is reproduced from teh only known vintage original print of this important historic moment. Photograph by Frank Currier, 1875